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When influential people such as James Cameron and Linda Hamilton are your parents, it’s natural for the world to know who you are. Well, this applies to Josephine Archer Cameron. Despite the star child’s effort to keep things on a low, she’s still popular. However, what do we know about Josephine Archer Cameron so far? 

Josephine Archer Cameron is the celebrity daughter of both Stardom James Cameron and Linda Hamilton. However, unlike her parents, she does not want to be an actress and prefers to live a very private life.

Despite her quiet life, there are many fascinating things about her and her famous family that you should know.

About Josephine Archer Cameron

Josephine Archer Cameron

Josephine Archer Cameron was born on the 15 of February 1993 in the United States. It’s normal for every parent to wish for their children to take over their life career, but they couldn’t persuade Josephine. 

There isn’t much information as regards her career. It’s only rumored that she’s a writer. She’s also still single and isn’t considering marriage anytime soon.

One fascinating fact concerning Josephine Archer Cameron, which her mum made known, was her perception of beauty. Linda Hamilton, her mum, talked to Glamour back in 2019 when she mentioned what her lovely daughter said while she was little. 

The Stardom actress said, “The Greatest Definition of Beauty came from what my daughter said when she was little,” her daughter had told her while talking with her grandmama. Josephine said, “My mom is beautiful because her face is full of joy.” 

You could say Josephine Archer Cameron is weird when it comes to her private life, but her insightful and deep thinking about her mum is worthy of emulation and admiration!

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Body stats

Even though she seems to be a tall woman in images, her actual height is yet unknown. Her form is slim and elegant. However, her weight, chest-waist-hip, dress size, and other bodily measurements are also unknown. Her physical metrics may be updated in the near future.

Basic Information on Linda Hamilton, Josephine’s Star Mom

Linda Hamilton was born and bred in Salisbury, Maryland. She grew an affinity for acting, so she took lessons right from her younger days. Her role as Glory in Shirley, a TV movie series, was her first appearance in 1980.

In 1980, Linda featured in other TV series such as Secret of Midland Heights, Rape, and Marriage: The Hideout Case, and the last, Reunion. 

After her excellent role in Beauty and Beast, no one could prevent Linda Hamilton from being famous and loved by all.

Linda Hamilton isn’t only a famous actress; she also boasts an estimated net worth of $70 million.

Josephine Archer Cameron’s Dad Career as a Movie Director

Linda Hamiltons daghter Josephine Archer Cameron

People know Josephine’s dad as an outstanding science fiction movie director. In 1984, he directed the world-class film The Terminator, which earned him recognition and appreciation. 

His crucial breakthrough to the world of elite celebrities was when he directed Titanic and Avatar. He didn’t only become recognized by people, but he also got an academy award. A few of his iconic movie directing works include The Abyss,  in 1989, True Lies,  in 1994, and Like Aliens,  in 1986.

Today, James boasts of an impressive sum of $700 million net worth. Having such a net worth shouldn’t be a shock because he has worked as an artist, producer, screenwriter, director, and editor.

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How Josephine’s parents, James Cameron & Linda Hamilton Divorced

Before Josephine’s dad’s marriage to Suzy Ami, her stepmom, the man, had married her mum in 1997. They had dated each other beforehand in the 1990s. 

Life happens, and the duo had to go their separate ways, finally getting divorced in December 1999 – the same thing happened with James Cameron’s other three marriages. However, the divorce to Linda Hamilton was a classic because Josephine’s mum got a $50 million separation settlement.

That was so generous of James Cameron; you’d also agree!

Josephine Archer Cameron Siblings

Josephine has four step-siblings in total. From her mom’s relationship with Bruce Abbott came an elder stepbrother named Dalton. Dalton is an actor, and he was featured in the famous movie, Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

From her dad’s marriage to Suzy Ami came her three other step-siblings. She has Claire, the first out of her parent’s loins, James Quinn, Josephine’s third step-sibling, and the last one Elizabeth Rose.

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