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Rhett McLaughlin net worth is estimated to be $20 million. This is a combined accumulation of him and his partner, Link, on their show. Some of their most well-known YouTube shows are Good Mythical Morning with Link Neal. 

Rhett McLaughlin is an American YouTube sensation and actor. He is one of the duos of the YouTube sensation, Rhett and Link. Rhett McLaughlin’s role on the YouTube channel has influenced his net worth.

They are among the world’s most well-known and well-paid YouTubers. Mythical Entertainment, their business establishment, has over 100 employees.

His Background and High School Accomplishments

Rhett Mclaughlin net worth

Rhett McLaughlin was born in October 1977 in Macon, Georgia. At Buies Creek Elementary School in 1984, he met his YouTube colleague, Link Neal, on the first day of first grade. His family had recently moved from Macon, Georgia, to Buies Creek, North Carolina. 

For writing profanities on their desks, the two boys had to stay in during recess as a punishment. Both bonded during this time by drawing mythical creatures while on punishment. However, it wasn’t until several years later that they came up with the idea for the song and film “Looking for Ms. Locklear.” Their YouTube show, “Good Mythological Morning,” also features the mythical creatures they created.

At the age of fourteen, Rhett and Link produced a screenplay called “Gutless Wonders” and began developing a film based on it. Only a few sequences were filmed, so they never completed it. Several episodes of “Good Mythical Morning” included some of the screenplay years later. 

In high school, Rhett and Link made a 25-minute spoof of Oedipus Rex. They were also part of The Wax Paper Dogz, a punk rock group in high school.

Rhett also played basketball during this time. Rhett still retains the record for the most 3-pointers he made in a season at Harnett Central High School to this day.

In 1996, Rhett enrolled at North Carolina State University. Here, Link shared a room with him. Rhett pursued a degree in civil engineering and received his Bachelor’s degree in 2000. 

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Rhett’s Career Success

Rhett McLaughlin Net Worth

After college, Rhett worked for a short time at Black & Veatch before quitting to focus solely on their YouTube channel. Since then, they have grown exponentially. Today, they have four channels, a podcast, and two books.

‘Wolfpack or Tarheels?’ was their first video which they released on Rhett’s YouTube channel in 2006. The video depicted Rhett McLaughlin’s 3-year-old son Locke McLaughlin weeping about the demise of the NC State Wolfpack and its rivalry with the North Carolina Tar Heels. Unfortunately, the video was removed, but the duo uploaded it on Rhett & Link, their joint YouTube Channel.

On September 18th, 2008, Rhett and Link made their YouTube official debut. Their channel, Good Mythical Morning, has over 16 million followers and over 6 billion views as of January 2020. 

Rhett & Link became well known on the internet after appearing on YouTube’s front page and releasing “The Facebook Song,” which became their most popular video for several years. As of early 2020, “Eating a Scorpion–Bug War Challenge,” “Amazing Game Show Cheaters,” and “World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge–Carolina Reaper” were the most popular videos on the Good Mythical Morning channel. 

On the Independent Film Channel, they had a show called “Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings,” in which they played themselves. The show documented Rhett & Link’s journey as they filmed ads for small companies across the country. It’s based on their popular online series, I Love Local Commercials, which inspired the ten-part comedy. Good Mythical Morning earned a Shorty Award for Best Web Series in 2016.

From their numerous activities, Rhett and Link earned $18 million in 2019. For the year, they were the fourth-highest YouTubers in the world. In 2020, they made even higher earnings of $20 million from their endeavors.

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Marriage And Real Estate

Rhett McLaughlin family

Rhett married Jesse Lane (now McLaughlin) on March 29, 2001. The couple has two kids, Locke and Shepherd.

Rhett had feverish seizures as a child. Unfortunately, Locke and Shepherd inherited the trait.

Rhett and his wife also purchased a 3,214 square foot property in La Crescenta, a Los Angeles suburb, for $1.425 million in 2015. It is a 1978 modern-traditional style house with dark hardwood floors, a sunken family room, a formal dining room, a granite-topped kitchen, a huge outside basketball court, and a swimming pool and spa.

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