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It is estimated that Luis Miguel net worth is around $180 million. Just before you open your eyes in wonderment, Miguel is one of the greatest Latin music artists in the world. Few artists have more accolades and awards than Luis Miguel; it is as if the easy-on-the-eyes artist dominates Latin music.

As of October 2020, Miguel ranks number two on Billboard’s Greatest of All-Time Latin Artists chart. This is an incredible feat. Still, was he not sold on the magnificence of Miguel? Okay, what if we told you that he is the youngest Grammy Award recipient in the history of the awards?

That’s right! At only 14, Miguel received a Grammy for his duet with Sheena Easton on the song “Me Gustas Tal Como Eres.” But, do you know what’s better? There is even more to unravel. If you want to know more about Luis Miguel’s net worth, relationships, and career, you should read on.

Miguel has always been on the news all his life, and that’s partly due to his starting early in his music career. As early as he was 13, Miguel was already a national sensation. The music maestro will grow up not just to become a fine vocalist but also a fantastic showman on the stage.

He has had troubles with several relationships, and isn’t that part of the package with celebrities? How do you explain someone who’s had Spanish albums sell millions of copies in the United States and, interestingly, in other parts of the world? It has to be that the artist is quite excellent in what he does.

An example of how much influence Miguel’s music has on the world; is a copy of Segundo Romance was found in the apartment of Saddam Hussein after his capture. This shows the acceptability of Miguel’s music even though sung in Spanish.

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Who is Luis Miguel?

Luis Miguel was born April 18, 1970 in San Juan, Puerto Rico to Luisito Rey and Marcela Basteri. Luis, however, claims that the day his father registered him was on April 19, and he celebrates his birthday that day. Miguel’s father, Luisito was a Spanish songwriter, guitarist, and singer whose real name was Luis Gallego Sanchez. He was born in Cadiz in southwestern Spain. On the other hand, his mother, Marcela, was from the Province of Massa-Carrara, in Italy. Luis didn’t grow up alone as he had two other siblings; Alejandro and Sergio Miguel. According to Miguel, he was named Luis Miguel, a name in honor of the Spanish bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguin.

Miguel’s early fame while growing up affected his relationship with his parents. To start with, Miguel had a very difficult relationship with his father. Miguel would later say that his father was very strict with him as a young child. The rehearsals he had for his shows were usually enforced on him. For Miguel, this strict discipline instilled by his father has helped him become what he is today. But, this didn’t stop his relationship with his father from deteriorating. Then, in 1986, something strange happened. Miguel’s mother disappeared. Strangely till today, no one knows her whereabouts. It must have been devastating for Luis Miguel.

With his father as the only parent he has, the relationship worsened. Then, late into the 1980s, Miguel fired his father, who was his manager, for financial problems. This made his father, who was an alcoholic, fall into depression. He would later pass away on December 9, 1992, in Spain.

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The Career of Luis Miguel

The career of Luis Miguel is a big one. The Bolero crooner released his first album Un Sol, aged 11 in 1982. This is coming after his father had asked him to watch every movie and music video of Elvis Presley so that he could move like that. It is important to note that the singular album won him his first gold disc. At age 13, Luis Miguel had toured several Latin countries like Chile, Argentina, and Colombia, among many other countries.

When he was 15, the talented singer the second place award at the Sanremo Music Festival. That same year he won the Antorcha de Plata Award for his single with Scottish singer Sheena Easton. All the income from the sales of these songs contributed to Luis Miguel net worth.

From then on, his career bloomed but not without some hiccups. For instance, Miguel fired his father after they had a strained relationship just after signing with Warner Records in 1987. He then hired Juan Carlos Calderon to take over his father’s place.

In two years, Miguel had sold over 2.5 million records. Miguel released his second album Busca Una Mujer on November 25, 1988. The songs on the album, like La Incondiciona, became a hit in Latin America.

The following year, 1989, became the transitional year from child star to a proper star. With his third album, 20 AƱos, he cemented his status as a showman and star singer that has come to stay.

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What Made Luis Miguel Become a Global Superstar?

It was the release of his fourth album, Romance, an album of romantic boleros that shot Miguel to a star. He is often credited with changing the way boleros are viewed for his work in the album. The album sold 7 million records, making it his most successful album to date.

His sequel Segundo Romance tore through language barriers and became a favourite among Latin Americans and Americans alike. The album received a Grammy award and reached platinum in the United States. The success recorded with these albums increased Luis Miguel’s net worth. He is arguably the most successful musical artist in the history of Latin America.

Miguel Is on The Hollywood Walk of Fame

For his contribution to the recording industry, Luis Miguel was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1996. At the time, he was the youngest ever male artist to receive that honor.

Luis Miguel Is Also An Actor

Miguel first made his acting debut as a thirteen-year-old singer on an episode of the comedy TV series ‘Mesa De noticias.’ The following year, he made another appearance as an actor in the drama film ‘Ya nunca mas.’

What is Luis Miguel Net Worth?

Since the year 1990, Miguel has generated $278.5 million from his concerts. That’s a lot of money. For context, in the 2010 Luis Miguel tour, he did about 223 shows all over the world. That’s an insane number. But, from all his endeavours, he has certainly made a lot of money. It is estimated according to reliable sources that Luis Miguel’s net worth is $180 million.

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Is Luis Miguel Married?

Being the darling of Latin America, Miguel has been in a relationship with several women. He once dated singer Stephanie Salas, actress Isabela Camil, actress Lucia Mendez, singer Mariah Carey, journalist Myrka Dellanos, actress Aracely Arambula, and television host Daisy Fuentes, model Kenita Larrain among many others.
He had children with some of these women. With Stephanie Salas, he had a daughter, Michelle Gallego (born June 13, 1989). He and Aracely Arambula have two sons together; Miguel and Daniel. According to the information available on the internet, Miguel is not married yet.

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With several accolades and million not sales of his albums, Miguel is very wealthy and may just have generational wealth. Although his musical prowess is undeniable, so is his multi-relationship with women.

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