Peter DeLuise: Amazing Facts About His Early Life, Career, Weight Loss And Net Worth

In addition to playing the role of Officer Doug Penhall in the Fox television series 21 Jump Street, Peter DeLuise is an American actor, television director, producer, and screenwriter. He is also well-known for having written and directed episodes of science fiction television series, particularly those in the Stargate franchise. He is the son of the actors’ Carol Arthur and Dom DeLuise.

Peter DeLuise

Early Life

The first of Carol Arthur and Dom DeLuise’s three sons, Peter DeLuise is of Italian origin. The family relocated to a home in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, not long after Peter was born. Peter and his younger brothers Michael and David did not have a privileged upbringing despite the fact that both of their parents were actors; in fact, when Peter was in his teens, he had to borrow his mother’s Chevette in order to pay for it.

His untreated dyslexia and social awkwardness caused him trouble, particularly at school. Aside from being an overeater, the boy also developed a fairly amusing personality among his peers: “I was the fat kid, so as a defense mechanism, I was the jokester.”

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But not everything was challenging for little Peter. He was pretty well known because he captained the football team at his high school. Like some of his classmates, he declined to use drugs and drink excessively: “I was more interested in girls. But if I got a girl, she’d be more interested in getting cocaine.”

Peter left his home after graduating from Palisades High and began hunting for acting gigs as he supported himself by working in a flower shop.


Early on, in 1979, Peter made his acting debut in “Hot Stuff,” a film directed by his father. He gained a further role in the 1983 film “Happy,” and two years later he appeared in the television series “The Facts of Life.” Despite the fact that he only had minor roles in these performances, he was inspired to keep acting.

Peter DeLuise began appearing in the lead roles in numerous films starting in 1985, including “Free Ride,” “The Midnight Hour,” and “Listen to Me.” But until 1989, when he was cast in “21 Jump Street” as Officer Doug Penhall, the primary character, and for which he is now mostly remembered, he only managed minor TV appearances.

This FOX series, which starred Johnny Depp, was about a team of teenage undercover investigators that looked into crimes involving young people. The program got an Imagen Foundation Award for “Best Drama Series” before it was canceled in 1991.

After “21 Jump Street” finished, Peter went on to perform in a number of films and appeared briefly as Carl in the hit TV show “Friends.” He didn’t earn another major TV job until 1994 when he was chosen to play Seaman Dagwood in “Seaquest DSV.”

Peter DeLuise made many appearances in “Stargate SG-1” from 1999 to 2006 in a variety of uncredited roles.

However, his acting career was far from done because, in 2007, he appeared as Wayne Ross in the television series “Robson Arms.” Peter played largely supporting roles in TV shows and movies in the years that followed, but in 2016 he won another lead role in “Mostly Ghostly: One Night in Doom House,” and in 2019 he directed a TV movie called “All Summer Long.”

Peter DeLuise

Peter DeLuise as a Director and Producer

Peter DeLuise pursued a second career as a filmmaker while he was not working as an actor. In three episodes of “21 Jump Street,” he received his first acting credit. He then worked on a number of TV shows, including “Higher Ground,” “Andromeda,” “Stargate SG-1,” and other ventures.

In addition, he has worked on a number of TV production teams. In the post-apocalyptic series “Jeremiah,” he first served as a consulting producer before serving as the supervising producer on the television shows “Level Up” and “When Calls the Heart.” Additionally, he has created a number of TV movies for networks including Cartoon Network, Hallmark Channel, and others.

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Peter DeLuise as a Screenwriter

The 2003 film “Between the Sheets,” which is credited to Peter, was written primarily by him. Peter was the primary writer of 12 episodes of the sci-fi series “Stargate.”

Awards and Nominations

For the comedy series “Parked,” he received the 2015 Vancouver Web Fest Award for Best Director. For the fantasy family comedy “Zapped” and the fantasy horror comedy “R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls,” he received the 2015 and 2016 Leo Awards for Best Direction in a Television Movie.

Five Leo Awards and a 2016 Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing – Special Class for “R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls” make up the other six nominations he has received.

Personal Life

In high school, Gina Nemo and Peter DeLuise began dating. They remained together until their eventual breakup in 1996. In 1987, Peter relocated to Canada for professional reasons. A few months later, however, he came back to Los Angeles and left a message on Gina’s answering machine asking her to be his wife. In an interview at the time, Peter expressed his views, saying: “After seven years, you either get married or break up. We tried breaking up, but that didn’t work.”

However, the couple filed for divorce in 1992 for an unexplained cause.

On the set of the television series “Higher Ground,” which was helmed by DeLuise and featured Anne Marie Loder in a key role, Peter and Loder first became acquainted in 1999. According to Anne Marie in a 2019 interview, “We were both single and fell head-over-heels pretty quickly.” The couple’s early struggles stemmed from the fact that they shared a workplace: “He was my boss, but he didn’t want to put me in an awkward position. He was so kind and generous that I ended up asking him out. He was quite a gentleman.”

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On September 30, 1999, they began dating. On June 7, 2002, they got hitched. They have been married since the birth of their first child, Jake, in April 2004.

Peter DeLuise’s Parent

Peter DeLuise was raised in a family of actors, as were his younger siblings and parents.

Dom DeLuise, Peter’s father, was an American actor and comedian who was born in New York on August 1, 1933. He is most known for his appearances in the films “The Cannonball Run,” “The Secret of NIMH,” and “Blazing Saddles,” among other films. In recognition of his lengthy career, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a prize at the Taormina International Film Festival for his film “Fatso,” and a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best TV Actor.

The family matriarch, Carol, is also an actor, best known for playing Harriett Johnson in “Blazing Saddles,” and has served as a spokesperson for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. The eldest of the three brothers, David, is best recognized for his lead role in the Disney series “Wizards of Waverly Place,” whilst Michael, Peter’s brother, is known for his frequent appearances in “Gilmore Girls” and “CSI: NY.”

Hobbies and Interesting Facts

In his early 20s, Peter wasn’t a very kind guy. He was a discipline issue since he made problems whenever he could, was frequently just foolish, and neglected his responsibilities while sleeping a lot.

Peter DeLuise even tried out for the role of Biff Tannen, which ultimately went to Thomas F. Wilson, because he is a major admirer of the “Back to the Future” movie trilogy. He also enjoys “Silence of the Lambs,” “The Godfather” trilogy, and “Forrest Gump,” among other films. Marlon Brando and Julia Roberts are Peter’s favorite actors and performers.

His profession has taken him all around the US, as well as to a few Canadian cities and European nations, and he enjoys traveling. Peter first visited Canada when he went to Vancouver to film for the television show “21 Jump Street.” He believed the Canadians were naturally hilarious and that they frequently used the word “eh” and “spoke out of the corners of their mouths.”

He also believed that snow was perpetually present everywhere and that snow chains were required for use all year long on tires.

Weight Loss

Peter DeLuise was overweight in elementary school, but when he started playing football in high school, he drastically reduced his weight. He started gaining weight again after graduating, though, and eventually reached a weight of 265 pounds (120kgs). Peter made the decision to adhere to a stringent diet and training regimen after being selected to appear in the television series “21 Jump Street,” and he eventually reduced his weight to 190lbs (86kgs). In an interview with the publication “The Washington Post,” he claimed that while he stays away from red meat and follows a salt- and fat-free diet, he occasionally treats himself to a cheat meal.

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Net Worth

Peter DeLuise’s work as an actor, director, and producer has earned him an estimated $10 million in net worth.


Peter DeLuise frequently posts pictures of his travels and daily life to his Instagram account. One of the characters he created for “Stargate SG-1” was given his wife’s last name, Loder.

Peter DeLuise has frequently appeared in cinema alongside his family; the first time was in 1979 when he and his two brothers made an appearance in their father’s film “Hot Stuff.” The second occasion was when Michael, his brother, started to appear frequently on “21 Jump Street.”

Peter DeLuise also collaborated with his family when Peter’s wife Anne Marie appeared in the television series “Stargate SG-1” as David, the younger brother of Peter.


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