Anuel AA Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Net Worth And Legal Issues

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Anuel AA Net Worth

Anuel AA net worth

Anuel AA net worth is $20 million. He is a rapper and musician from Puerto Rico. In November 1992, Anuel AA was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico. He is credited with founding the musical style known as Latin trap.

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Who is Anuel AA?

Rapper and musician Anuel AA, real name Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, was born in Puerto Rico on November 26, 1992. Samples and alterations of songs that were popular when he was young are frequently found in his music.

Due to his legal issues, disputes with fellow Puerto Rican rappers Cosculluela and Ivy Queen, as well as with American rapper 6ix9ine, he is viewed as a controversial figure in the Latin music scene.

He was up in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and began recording music at the age of fourteen. Four years later, in 2010, he started publishing it online. Eventually, he signed with fellow American rapper Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group’s Latin division.

Real Hasta la Muerte, his 2016 mixtape, was favorably praised, however, the same year, he received a 30-month prison sentence for illegally possessing a pistol in Puerto Rico. While he was behind bars, he completed recording his debut album, which coincided with the rise in popularity of his musical genre.

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Early Life

Anuel AA says that watching his father interact with these musicians sparked his interest in the recording industry, even if he does not consider himself a lover of the salsa genre. However, when Anuel AA was fifteen years old, his father lost his job, which caused him to become what Rolling Stone magazine called a “son of the streets.”

Carolina, Puerto Rico, is where Anuel AA grew up. His mother is White Puerto Rican and his father is Afro-Puerto Rican; Anuel AA has stated that he has encountered bigotry since he is mixed-race ever since he was a young child.

José Gazmey, his father, was vice president of Sony Music Entertainment’s A&R department for the Puerto Rican region. His father collaborated in the studio with salsa musicians like Héctor Lavoe and Fania All-Stars when Anuel AA was a young boy.

Growing up, he looked up to Tupac Shakur and wanted to dress like him, especially the way he emphasized jewels. Rapper Casper from Puerto Rico, who co-wrote and performed on the song “Te Boté,” is a childhood buddy of his. Anuel AA said when asked how growing up in the projects affected his music, “My music is my soul speaking, literally. It’s spiritual. It has a lot of feelings, and a lot of pain. It’s my experiences growing up en la calle [in the streets].” At the age of fourteen, he started recording music, and in 2010, at the age of 18, he started sharing it online.

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Anuel AA net worth

Millions of people listened to and viewed his music, which finally attracted the notice of American rapper Rick Ross, who signed him to the Maybach Music Group’s Latin division. In February 2016, he released his mixtape Real Hasta La Muerte, to rave acclaim from critics. Due to the popularity of this mixtape, Anuel AA was invited to appear as a guest artist on Ozuna’s 2017 album Odisea.

On July 17, 2018, the day of his release from prison, he put out his debut album Real Hasta la Muerte. It was listed as one of the Best Latin Albums of 2018 by Rolling Stone, which also stated that the musician “demonstrates impressive pop instincts” and added, “As Anuel retains one foot in trap, he’s also moving toward Latin pop’s mainstream.” Real Hasta la Muerte debuted at number 42 on the Billboard 200 and was the number-one album in the US for Latin music.

The rapper was astonished by the public response and claimed that after spending more than two years in prison, he “didn’t even know how to talk in interviews.” The album’s release and the artist’s release from prison attracted a lot of media attention. With the help of American rapper 6ix9ine, he scored his first Billboard Hot 100 hit in August 2018 with the song “Bebe.”

Anuel AA supplied vocals to eleven singles that reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart in the six months after Real Hasta la Muerte’s debut, including “Ella Quiere Beber” with Dominican/Puerto Rican/American bachata singer Romeo Santos.

Additionally, he co-wrote “Familia” with Nicki Minaj and Bantu for the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse album, which was released in December 2018. The rapper and Colombian singer Karol G collaborated on the single “Secreto” in January 2019, and the music video for the song explicitly revealed their romantic relationship.

The song peaked at number five on the US Hot Latin Songs charts and number 68 on the Billboard Hot 100. The period when Anuel AA and Karol G were dating but hadn’t yet made their relationship known to the public served as the inspiration for the song. The “power couple” vibe of the video drew similarities to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as well as Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Anuel AA collaborated with Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna, and J Balvin on the song “China,” which was released in July 2019. Shaggy’s 2000 single, “It Wasn’t Me,” which Anuel AA recalled from his youth and chose from a number of old tracks he had been listening to with the purpose of “redo[ing] a classic,” is substantially sampled in the song. When he went to the club with the “big fellas in my ghetto,” he recalled to XXL, “they used to play that song and everyone used to go crazy.”

With 1,000 downloads sold and 14.1 million streams, “China” debuted at number two on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart and topped the Latin Digital Songs and Latin Streaming Songs charts. The song’s accompanying music video was listed among the 10 Best Latin Music Videos of July by Rolling Stone. Later, on November 1, 2019, Nicky Jam’s album ntimo’s lead track “Whine Up,” featured Anuel AA.

He declared that Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren was finished and prepared for release on September 22. He released “Dictadura,” the lead single from his new album, in October. Anuel appeared on the eagerly anticipated BZRP Music Session 46 with Argentine Producer Bizarrap in November. He released “Leyenda,” the second single from the album, on November 11.

He posted song titles on the basketball team’s jersey on November 17 to disclose the album tracklist. The next day, he and Myke Towers, and Jhay Cortez released “Subelo,” the album’s final single. The rapper’s album Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren was released on his 29th birthday. There are 16 songs on the CD, with Eladio Carrion, Jhay Cortez, Myke Towers, and Mora all appearing.

Anuel AA contributed to the Dominican singer Rochy RD’s song “Los Illuminaty” on January 1, 2022. Later, he verified the news of the album’s second installment, Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren. The first single from the upcoming album is slated to be “Si Tu Me Busca,” which features Yailin La Más Viral from the Dominican Republic.

Anuel AA collaborated with Chris Jedi, Chencho Corleone, and engo Flow on the 20 May 2022 global hit “La Llevo Al Cielo.” The electro-pop song “Que Nos Paso?” was later released by him.

Me Fui De Gira, an EP by Anuel AA containing six or seven tracks, was initially announced but then canceled and included with the planned album Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren 2. The project’s debut track, “Malo,” a collaboration between Anuel and the Puerto Rican vocalists’ Zion and Randy, was first made public.

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Personal Life

Anuel AA net Worth

Anuel AA has a daughter with model Melissa Vallecilla and a son with his ex-wife Astrid Cuevas.

A month after his release from prison, in August 2018, Anuel AA met Colombian artist Karol G on the shoot of the music video for their song “Culpables.” Anuel AA and Karol G declared their love in January 2019. The couple’s engagement was officially announced when Karol G showed up at the Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 25, 2019, wearing a “massive” diamond ring. After dating for two years, the couple reportedly called it quits in March 2021.

Early in 2022, Gazmey revealed his romance with Yailin La Más Viral, a Dominican artist named Georgina Lul Guillermo Dáz. The couple was married in June 2022.

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Legal Issues

When authorities discovered three weapons, including one that was stolen, nine magazines, and 152 bullets, they detained Anuel AA along with three other people and placed them in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Guaynabo on April 3, 2016. He agreed to a plea agreement and accepted a 30-month term in federal prison for charges of gun possession.

As he continued to release music from prison by recording his voice over the phone, the #FreeAnuel movement gained popularity among his followers after his incarceration.

Anuel AA was imprisoned and sentenced to 90 days in isolation after an altercation with another prisoner. He claimed during his trial that the lyrics in his music did not accurately depict him. Aida Delgado-Colon, the presiding judge, claimed that she had never heard any of his music. Anuel AA was transferred from a federal jail in Miami to a state prison in March 2018. He revealed to Billboard at the time that he drew inspiration for his songs while incarcerated by listening to the radio and keeping up with what was going on in the streets.

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