Top 9 Indian Female Models and Their Achievements

Their glamour captures everyone’s attention and makes heads turn around; all thankfulness to their amazing physique and gorgeous skins; yeah, we’re talking about the fascinating world of modelling and Indian female models, to be precise.

 Are you surprised? No, don’t be. 

Indian Female Models

Guess what? Modelling is now considered one of the most profitable and fascinating careers available to young people. If you are adorned with beauty, skills, and smartness, then this is a great career for you.

However, Modeling is undoubtedly an attractive profession that provides many opportunities for you to travel around the world and meet people from various walks of life. Interestingly, once you are established in the field, it is a well-paid position. Imagine a career that gets you famous and well-paid as well. 

Top 9 Indian Female Models and Their Achievements

A model is a person who poses or exhibits for advertisement or promoting art, fashion, or other things.

 In this article, we will get to meet The Top 9 Indian female models and their achievements. You’d be amazed by how far our top picks on the list have gone in the model industry. Let’s ride together.

1. Candice Pinto

Candice Pinto, the Indian designer’s best glamour push, was born in Mumbai, India, in 1981 on March 12th, and she is currently 40 years old. The beauty queen completed her high school and college education in Mumbai and held a Master’s degree in Economics. She has three siblings and began modelling with her brother throughout her undergraduate years. However,  Her parents were initially opposed to pursuing a modelling profession. They later motivated her and became her support in entering the Gladrags competition in 1999, where she became the winner. 

Candice was just 19 years old and studying for her graduation. Nonetheless, Winning this pageant was a watershed moment in her modelling career, and she earned the title of supermodel due to her hard work, determination, and consistency.

In March 2000, her fame grew after participating in and winning the model contest, 7th GladRags. The several award winner, Candice, won the Miss Tourism International, which took place in 2002, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Interestingly, she became the first Indian model to achieve this. Her Images are in so many magazines and editorials.

 As A ramp model,  she has repeatedly appeared in Lakme and Indian fashion firms’ cover models. However, she took part in the Top Model of the world 2001 contest and was among the top 10 finalists with beat body subtitles. Candice is beautiful and famous with an Instagram name as NinjaPinto with 101k followers. She’s worth over $ 37. 8m making her one of the world’s richest models.

2. Archana Akil Kumar

Archana Akil Kumar is located in Mumbai, India’s financial centre. She was born on 23rd August 1988; she is 33 years old. Archana Akil Kumar is a skilled model who draws attention with her beauty and body. The supermodel is worth over  $18m and ranked among one of the world’s top 10 richest models. Super, famous, and greatly loved on Instagram with 75.6k followers. The model Archana was engaged to Miguel Carlos in September 2018.  

Archana Akil started her career as a model in 2008 with Her first runway as a model in a jewellery exhibition. Each time she walks down the runway, she makes a strong impression drawing attention with her elegance. She’s walked the runway for nearly every high-end designer.

Archana was modelled in the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai and the Wills Lifestyle fashion week in India in New Delhi. However, Archana has appeared on the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Verve, among other publications. Her images are used in ads and magazines.

3. Nidhi Sunil

The model, activist, and artist Nidhi Sunil was born In Kochi Bengaluru, India, in 1987 on March 30th. Nidhi Sunil is skilled, smart, beautiful, and attractive. She graduated from symbiosis law Academy with a law degree. However, before she proceeded into modelling, she worked as an environment barrister.

Nidhi took part in season four of getting Gorgeous, 2007, and finished second runner-up. She then began working as a model in India for both local and international journals such as Vogue, GQ, and Elle. She started her acting career in Bollywood with the drama flick Gangoobai. Kaash, his second film, was released in 2015, and she starred in it.

She has appeared in editorials and on the covers of magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Italian Vogue, Ella magazine, and GQ, and campaigns for Garnier, The Gap, and everlasting esprit. Interestingly, in 2021, the attractive model was picked as the current global ambassador of L’Oreal. She was given the name Vogue, the Indian model of 2021, worth $1.5m.

4. Nina Manuel

Nine manual is a Mumbai, Maharashtra, Indian-born creative model, tv host, and Vj. She was born on 24th April. The glamour model graduated from Mithila College of Arts, Chauhan Institute of Science, and Amrutben Jivanlal College of Commerce, Mumbai, India. In February 2010, she married a New York-based businessman, Luv Shah, a son.

Manuel began attending fashion shows while still in Colledge. Nevertheless, After she graduated from Colledge, she took part in the Femina look of the year 1995 contest.

Manuel’s modelling career’s first fashion appearance was with an exhibition for Ensemble, an haute couture boutique when India’s best designers found out about her. She started her modelling career by doing a lot of walkway shows, which led to contracts with San Miguel, Lawman Jeans, Bausch & Lomb, Levi’s, Coca-Cola, The Indian Express, and Kodak.

She’s also worked with Baba Sehgal, Remo, and Anaida on fashion shoots and music videos. Suneet Varma, JJ Valaya, Raghvendra Rathod, and Ravi Bajaj have all done runway exhibits. Furthermore, Nina at nine on Zee music is also her show.

5. Carol Gracias

Carol Gracias was an Indian-born model and music actor who grew up in Mumbai, India. The superstar model is  43 years old, born December 28, 1978. She started her career in The Elite model look India contest in 1998 and appeared as a winner. It’s an annual show.

Furthermore, Carol Gracias became the second runner-up of the Big boss reality tv show 1, L’Oreal/Elite look of the year.

She appeared in the black Comedy film “ Cyrus in 2005. Carol is active on Instagram as Carolmgracias with 14.8k followers. However, her network is $1k – $5k. 

6. Sheetal Mallar

Sheetal Mallar is an Indian-born model and photographer, born in 1974, on April 23rd. She is 38 years old. The beauty queen was born in Bombay, Mumbai, India, and she took her studies at Sydenham College Mumbai.

Mallar married her now ex-husband Mose Navarra in 2001 in February, and the marriage lasted for three years before they divorced. Mallar, Is currently worth $1.5m and is rated among the most famous models with the Instagram name Sheetal Mallar with an 11.6k audience.

Sheetal Mallar is a Mumbai-based Indian fashion model. At 16, the 47-year-old super and talented model began her career in 1994. Gautam Rajadhyaksha, a photographer, was her first client. In the same year, she won Femina Look of the Year and Elite Look of the Year.

She spent two years working in New York, Milan, and Paris, thanks to Elite. However, These made her advance in the industry and had a lot to say about the beauty world.

7. Esha Gupta

Esha Gupta, the 2007 Femini miss India international, is an Indian-born model and actress. She was born on 1985 November 28, In her city New Delhi, India. Gupta, however, was born in a family of five, consisting of her parents, a brother, and a sister.

The beauty star graduated from Manipal University, where she studied mass communication. After her graduation, Lisa was set for her career when she got a scholarship to study Law at Newcastle University. Still, she chose an acting career in Hindi film over the Law school scholarship.

In 2007, Esha Gupta participated in the contest Femina Miss India and got the title to miss photogenic. However, she earned third place and, in addition, was declared the winner of the Miss India International. Esha also represented her nation in the Miss inteInternationaleant.

Gupta got so many achievements, including Time of India’s most desirable women in 2012, where she came in position 13 out of 50. Again, the 2014 Times of India most desirable woman and the world’s sexiest woman out of 100 women participants.  Gupta is worth $5.2 million currently, with Instagram Name Gupta lovers having a 24.2k audience.

8. Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon is a professional model, Bollywood actress, and television host named Elizabeth Maria Haydon. She was born in 1986 on June 17th, and she is a 35 years old talented model and TVP. Lisa got married in 2016 to Dino Lalvani, a businessman, and the married has produced three kids

Her Instagram name is Lisahaydon, with 1.4m audiences, and she’s s worth over $1.5m 

She began modelling in Australia, and her first job was for a stretch mark cream producer. However, She travelled to India in 2007 to continue her modelling career after being inspired by her sister’s modelling performances in India. She has starred in  Wills Lifestyle India FashionAndek. and also worked with India Couture Week on the runway in India. Lisa is also the brand ambassador for Lakmé.

She’s also been in ads print for the Hyundai i20, Indigo Nation, and Myntra. Co other numerous fashion industries. Her images have been in so many magazines. Lisa works with many brands by helping them promote their products to generate sales due to her numerous fan base. 

Lisa Haydon has won and was nominated for the following awards. She was nominated for the 2015 LFA awards for best supporting female actor and the screen award. Lisa was the award winner of Vogue beauty for best Breakthrough and is set for the 2017 best female actor awards, Indian Television Academy.

9. Namrata Shirodkar

The award winner of 1993, the Femina Miss India, Namrata Shidrokar, was born In 1972 on January 22nd. The talented and beautiful model and actress joined her husband Mahesh Babu, an actor in marriage, in 2005. However, their marriage is blessed with two amazing kids. Namrata studied Economics and Commerce at the Institute of science Jalal.

Her name on Instagram is Namrata Shidrokar and is followed by a 2.1m audience. She is one of the most popular actresses and models. Then, She started her first official modelling when crowned Miss India. Hence she proceeded further to represent India in Miss Universe and came 6th place. The beautiful star is loved for carrying herself, making her popular.

Purab Ki Laila Paschim Ka Chhaila was  Shirodkar’s first appearance in a film starring Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty and featuring music by Nadeem Shravan. This film was never made and never saw the light of day. After her retirement, the film was completed, and the title was changed to Hello India, but it’s not out in the market.

Shirodkar played a role in 1998 in the movie Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai. The star later moved forward  In 1999 to take part in the film Vaastav and Kachche Dhaage, respectively. Her work was well approved, and she became a celebrity both in Bollywood and abroad. The multi-talented model was featured in the English-language film 2004, titled  Bride and Prejudice.


In summary, modelling makes you stand a chance of being popular. A model travels a lot and meets with dignitaries. However, Indian female models earn around $10.000 now tell me why the person won’t be rich.

Models exhibit fashion brands’ products, helping attract customers. Here we have details of the top 9 female models and what they achieved through their modelling careers. Modelling Is a lucrative business.

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